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About Wholeness Energetics: Illness                                                           Full Story of Home Page Testimonial

When I first saw Jennifer, I was in my fourth year of a debilitating illness. I had tried both Western and alternative medicines for the physical condition and therapy, meditation, prayer, and journaling for mental-emotional health. I'd have spells of improvement, then flare-ups that laid me low again. I would experience waves of despair that had me seriously wondering if life was worth living alone and in pain. 

Through inner work, I became aware of an energetic block that I named the "I Can't." There was so much that I couldn't do now, but "I can't heal" was a disturbing version. I heard that Jenn's work could address energy blocks so I requested an appointment. That session was an eye opener. Jenn helped me navigate inner worlds with an ease I did not know was possible. Not only did I make friends with "I Can't," I was introduced to a new way of addressing my own issues, which served me well long after the session was over. As a bonus, an unresolved conflict with my deceased father arose and was beautifully put to rest.

About a month later, I identified another block, a disempowering belief that claimed: "My life was ruined a long time ago and I am a worthless human being, so what's the point?" I called in Jenn again, somewhat nervous that I would be required to relive some very painful memories. Instead, Jenn found a path that went straight to the heart of things. Just what did I think was the purpose of my life? This inquiry led to a profound realization that my life is a success and absolutely worth living, inspiring me to generate a new life's purpose.

After that session, I settled into a deep feeling that I was healed on an essential level within, whether my body healed or not. Then, within weeks, I learned of SIBO, a gut syndrome I'd never heard of, fairly new on the Western radar, that sounded like a perfect match to my physical condition. Since then, following inner guidance alongside dietary and herbal recommendations, my symptoms have improved and I’m slowly getting stronger. It's early days yet — I'm down 43 pounds and weak as the proverbial kitten, but I believe in my heart that I am finally on the road to recovery.

I believe that I needed to reclaim my will to live before the solution could come to me. Though I used numerous modalities to arrive at this point, and did my own inner work, as we all must do, Jenn's method was KEY, literally, opening doors that I sensed were there but did not know how to access. She has keen insight, phenomenal sensitivity, and is an excellent midwife to whatever needs to emerge. I feel very fortunate and grateful to have found her at just the right time in my life's journey.

- P., artist, writer, and lover of Gaia

About Wholeness Energetics: End-of-Life

I am at the end-stage of life. After a lifetime of severe immune deficiency and immune dysregulation, I am experiencing numerous rare, complicated and overlapping medical conditions. These are causing my neurological system to malfunction, and organ failure throughout my body. My condition is progressive and degenerative.
Jennifer helped me discover the possibility that I came into this life with a purpose of experiencing “disconnection.” And that my life-purpose has been realized and completed! Through all the grief and losses of my illness, I have learned to reconnect. I am enjoying the connection I have with the few people who are able to come along with me on this journey, but I’m just not ready to “let go” yet.  Instead, I find that I am learning new things every day. There are always new lessons.
I have had a horrible fear of death, feeling that death would be just one more thing that would happen to me, that death would seize me and thrust me out into the void, or into some dark tunnel. Sessions with Jennifer were comforting in that she helped me to see that even in death, I still have choices. Becoming aware of what I want, and what I don’t want, was helpful in realizing that after I die, I may opt to stick around for awhile, doing some of the things I’ve been unable to do because I’ve been so ill. She helped me realize that I can stay in our mountain cove, hike the trails in my spirit-self, and then leave when my hungers have been filled. She stressed that according to her learning, there is a continuum of experience after physical death, and that my choices help determine what these will be. I will likely still have power and control over myself, and my choices. This realization helped to quiet a lot of my fears, and reached into my deep soul. I feel grateful to Jennifer for being open to discussing and helping me face this, and come to a better understanding of death. It helped me, immeasurably, with my fears. 
On our land, there is a Grandmother Tree, where I used to visit, when I was able to hike. After physical death, I hope to go east from our house, and visit this Grandmother Tree, take a short flying pilgrimage, make offering, take solace, and assuage my great hunger for trees, greenery, nature spirits, tree spirits, the fresh air, blue sky, along with the freedom of flight and my unencumbered body/mind/soul. Jennifer helped me unlock from one perception of life-after-death. Her guidance was freeing, and brought me comfort. 
I like talking with Jennifer. She says things that others are not willing to say. She asks questions that are not usually asked. She can see many sides of so many situations. She isn’t trying to funnel me into Hospice, or thrust me forward into projects and activities. She is able to hold both things at the same time. She has helped me to embrace the fact that I will have good days, bad days, days I am ready to die, and days I am absolutely not ready to go. 
Jennifer is interested and gentle. She communicates directly, without an agenda, using her intuition and big heart to grasp what life experience has not offered her. She isn’t offering traditional therapy; sessions with Jennifer are not childhood review, or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Instead, her offerings are about wholeness of body, mind and soul. She helped me broaden my connection with other spiritual beings, divine beings, and more expanded experiences. Sessions with Jennifer feel whole and complete. It is lovely to spend the moments that I have with her, when they happen. 

-  M. artist, musician, writer, modern-day transcendentalist, Quaker

About Wholeness Energetics: Mother-Daughter

Honestly, I came to you because I was curious. That first session, I was feeling well, and had no particular question or concern to work out, but … the happy result was that I experienced a breakthrough after talking about a trouble spot in my step-mothering role. Since, the relationship with my daughter has felt easier, as though we had left behind the particular tensions of several years, and I remember thinking, “Wow, if only I'd known, and come to see you sooner.” It's really quite remarkable. My relationship with my daughter has become lighter and more enjoyable, and I really feel as though I've shifted my relationship to space—my desire for it, and my need to take it or ask for it.  What has surprised me about my work with Jenn is how effortless and effective the process has felt. We reach important clarities quickly and intuitively. Our sessions have been pleasurable and insightful and the positive effects resonate weeks after each appointment. A truly healing experience.
- H., poet, teaching artist, card-carrying introvert, longtime Buddhist

I wanted a session with Jenn to continue clearing out stuck energy, which I believed kept my back pain so strong. Also, on this particular day, I had left hip pain, which may have been my body’s signal about my daughter.  I was intrigued that the session lead me back to a past life with my pre-teen daughter, where our relationship was princess (my daughter) and servant (me). We have our challenges, which do seem beyond what’s warranted in this lifetime, and have continued this dynamic of me spinning my wheels to serve and her never feeling satisfied.  The content of my session reminded me that even though we are mother and daughter in this lifetime, we are different souls coming together to value one another for what we each bring. Yet, at the same time, we need to focus on growing ourselves, rather than trying to satisfy or change the other. And of course, my goal was about love, which is my life purpose: I stay true to how I experience love. My hip pain dissipated and with more energy work and massage, my intense back pain disappeared after a few long years of suffering! I knew that Jenn had the capacity to take me where I needed to go to work on what needed to be released. Visiting past lives is not scary, because she gently walks you through seeing what you need to see, in order to heal! 
- A., homemaker, community volunteer, BRACA support advocate