What is your heart’s desire? 

What do you want to heal?

What may be your unfinished business? 

How do you need to get more out of your own way? 

Let me walk this path with you.

Together we will find your answers.

Together we will help you return home to your true Self.

According to its founder, Deborah Plant Wilson at Returning to Wholeness,  Wholeness Energetics (WE)  is a "fast and effective approach to assist you in returning to natural states of health, vitality, and creative power. This unique and powerful system of energy medicine is based on the understanding that each of us is whole and complete, and when we experience this, we can tap into our innate healing ability and creative power. We can align with who we truly are. Wholeness Energetics utilizes energy kinesiology to assist us in discovering and addressing blockages to health, vitality, and fulfillment. Grounded in the science of the human energy field, WE incorporates healing methods from traditional Eastern Medicine, of China and India, and from branches of the more modern Energy Medicine."

Returning Home Healing, Jennifer Dorfield, Energy Testin
Returning Home Healing, Jennifer Dorfied, client consultation
Jennifer Dorfield, Returning Home Healing, Energy Testing

What I love about Wholeness Energetics

Perhaps just one session needed: Wholeness Energetics is so efficient, given it bypasses the conscious mind, that it may require only one session to resolve an issue. 

Guided by your Self: Unlike consulting a psychic or medium, the entity guiding our work together is instead you, or rather your Higher Self. I facilitate not with the authority of an expert but as a “guide on the side” as we journey together, lead by your higher Self, as communicated through energy testing (applied kinesiology). 

Each session is different: Each session calls for a different portal through which we access blockages and for a different balance by which we release them, all in the process of clearing the way for manifesting your highest and best goal at that time.


What Issues Wholeness Energetics Addresses

• Healing relationships, professional progress & finances                                            

• Coping with stressors   

• Understanding problems manifesting in the body, emotions, or thoughts

• Partnering with medical care, psychotherapy, or recovery to accelerate progress

• Testing food sensitivities, diet & exercise recommendations, healthcare options

• Discerning priorities for career direction & job search

• Recovering from writer’s or artist’s block

• Moving beyond recurring patterns such as addictions, phobias, perfectionism, procrastination

• Releasing trauma

• Transitioning through endings and new beginnings

• Sensing there must be more to life

• Integrating a puzzling or troubling mystical experience

• Wanting a mystical experience

• Actualizing the heart’s desire

Realizing life lessons

• Divining our purpose

Preparing for death and what may follow

Returning Home Healing, Jennifer Dorfied, Client Consult

20 Minute Free Initial Consultation

In person or by phone // 20 Minute  $0

If you’re curious if my offerings may be for you, and you’d like more information before committing to a Wholeness Energetics Session, Energy Healing Session, Muscle Testing Session, or Custom Package, you may request a free Initial Consultation—in office or by phone—to pose questions and receive answers.

Energy Testing, Returning Home Healing with Jennifer Dorfield

Wholeness Energetics Session

In person or by phone, Zoom, or FaceTime // 90 Minute

New client  $50

Returning client $90

* For each client successfully referred, additional WE session $50

When you’re wanting a more active role in your own healing, a Wholeness Energetics (WE) session invites you to sit, talk, and explore consciously one way to get more out of your own way to better serve your highest and best purpose.  Our WE session is guided by energy kinesiology, which some call muscle testing, using gentle pressure from my fingers to your arm in order to bypass the conscious mind and tap your superconscious for guidance. 

Jennifer Dorfield, Returning Home Healing, Energy Healing

Energy Healing Session

In person or by phone // 30 Minute  $30 // each additional 5 Minutes $5

When you’re wanting a more receptive role in your own healing, the Energy Healing Session invites you to lie down and allow my help in healing energetic blockages so as to get more out of your own way to better serve your highest and best purpose. Since many practitioners offer energy healing--be it called Reiki, craniosacral therapy, therapeutic touch, among the many schools--this time-adjustable session may provide a more affordable option for experimentation.

Jennifer Dorfield of Returning Home Healing, Applied Kinesthesiolog

Muscle Testing Session

In person or by Zoom or FaceTime // 30 Minute  $30 // each additional 5 Minutes $5

When you’re wanting merely a practical introduction to this modality, the Muscle Testing Session invites you to sit and allow your higher Self to answer lower-stakes questions you’re asking or decisions you need to make, perhaps regarding optimal supplements and other health care options, or food sensitivities and other dietary concerns.  Our Muscle Testing Session is guided by what some call energy or applied kinesiology, the same modality utilized by many chiropractors, nutritionists, osteopaths, even Dr. Rothe herself here at Mountain Medical Arts. It uses gentle pressure from my fingers to your arm in order to bypass the conscious mind and tap your superconscious for guidance. 


Custom Packages

In person, on site, or by phone, Zoom, or FaceTime // Custom Pricing Available

My Custom Packages invite you to allow my talents to be of service in healing additional aspects of your life:in seeking support or ritual around your or a loved one's dyingin transforming your space with home & office thrifty organizing & redesign, or in joining your lives with wedding ceremony officiating. In an Initial Meeting, we may overview your wants, identify any challenges, and begin collaborating on a plan that may involve further meetings. Please begin by scheduling a Free Initial Consultation to determine if our needs may be a fit.

"Several years ago I had an experience with a family member that left me feeling unresolved despite conversation to 'clear the air.'... I was fortunate to have a session with Jenn where I was able to explore the issue through the lens of a past life. The vision revealed a similar painful experience, and Jenn helped me see and understand the deeper pattern at play. I left the session believing that my family member was in fact an ally in helping me heal a deep wound. From that point forward, I was able to resolve lingering hurt feelings and develop a deeper and more compassionate relationship with her.  I am no longer interested in traditional therapy. I know this sounds odd, but working with Jenn is more efficient. In just one session I was able to identify the core issue and resolve it at a deep level so that it was no longer impacting me. Jenn is an insightful and compassionate healer, and her methods and natural intuitive gifts get fast and lasting results."

- A., management consultant, sacred artist, seeker