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Virtual Grief Support Group

Group Peer Support Events & Series:

I’m remembering what Frances Weller in The Wild Edge of Sorrow calls “undigested sorrows,” their “growing weight…unattended,” their physical and emotional consequences, and his encouragement that “community can be the holding space for our most painful stories.”  I’d like to offer a Group Peer Support co-facilitated, 8-week virtual support group this winter into spring for titrating grief, new or old, for those who have lost a loved one. Confidentiality offered. A safe, trauma-informed gathering.
About co-facilitator and colleague, Kathy Walters, pictured left: Kathy brings a powerful connection to grief and loss to any occasion, informed by personal experience and participation in numerous bereavement groups. She is intrigued by the many ways Spirit communicates with us, connections to angels and faeries and the rest of the unseen realms, the power of intuition, and additional spiritual matters. She is certified in Wholeness Energetics, an energy healing modality, as well as other complementary practices. Now in her seventh decade, Kathy brings this all together using her own particular alchemy in service to Spirit. It’s usually pretty joyous.

Series Date: TBA depending on those served
Venue: Zoom
Cost: donation TBA
Don’t let finances be an issue;
contact me for payment arrangements
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Intention Map at Returning Home Healin

New Year’s Intention Mapping Celebrations


Bring your favorite magazines from last year, your wants for this year, and collage your heart’s desire. Since 2013, I've been hosting this reflective process among kindred spirits early January.  With our family's courageous relocation to Burnsville in 2018, I wanted to share this tradition with my new community: starting with blank poster board, unsure really of what I want for myself for the new year, then after perusing magazines together, talking, and ripping out images and words that resonate, direction becomes clearer... and so do I. Poster board, some magazines and supplies provided, but please also bring your own. Snacks and drinks provided, but outside. Though past events have been sponsored by and at Yancey County Library, this year that’s not an option, so we’re instead opening our home. Event may be limited to a certain number of participants, or cancelled should the pandemic spike. Curious? See this page for more.


4th Annual New Year’s Intention Mapping Celebration
Sunday, January 16th, 2022
Snow Date: Sunday, January 24th

Venue: my home 
Vaccinated and masked only please,
as it’s a primary care provider’s home.

Cost: $5-$15 donation
Contact Me below to Reserve Your Spot
by noon Saturday January 15th

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Sampling Wholeness Energetics

Group Healing Experiences:

Come learn if this energy medicine modality may be a fit for you. Or just come as an affordable way to bask in the glow of collective healing. Open to everyone. The event may involve a theme. We’ll use muscle testing (Applied Kinesiology) to select a member most representative of group needs for a Wholeness Energetics session demo, with the possibility that as one heals, we all heal. Event not suited for processing trauma. Confidentiality offered. An intimate, safe gathering. Both on-line and in-person events offered. Typically limited to or requiring a minimum of 6 participants.  Typically public and announced, but private events may also be arranged.

Event Date: Sunday, April 3rd, 2022
Venue: my home
Vaccinated and masked only please,
as it’s a primary care provider’s home.

Cost: $15-$25 donation

Contact Me below to Reserve Your Spot
by noon Saturday April 2nd

Consultation at Returning Home Healing with Jennifer Dorfield

Transforming Into Your Best Self

Tools of the Trade Workshops:

Bring your curiosity and willingness to venture beyond the norm. And if the workshop is also a  "Girls' Night In," bring a woman dear to you: girlfriend, mother, sister, daughter, mentor, mentee. Share an introduction to one or more foundational concepts to Wholeness Energetics:  muscle testing (Applied Kinesiology), ego vs. higher Self, goal writing, chakras, energy bodies. Learn how there may be more to us than there seems and how we may better tap these resources, especially for the purpose of getting more out of our own ways and transforming into our highest and best selves. Confidentiality offered. An intimate, safe gathering. Typically limited to 8 participants. Typically scheduled First Fridays of the month, my availability permitting. Typically public and announced, but private parties may also be arranged.

Event Dates: Friday Evenings or Sunday Afternoons
To Be Announced
Venue: Mountain Medical Arts or Elsewhere
Cost: Donation 

The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron

The Artist's Way  Series

Julia Cameron's

For over 25 years, Julia Cameron's renown book The Artist's Way has offered a tried and true path toward creative recovery: in essence how likewise to get more out of our own ways so that we may better serve our highest purpose. Cameron's 12-step program involves a 7-10 hour commitment per week: Sunday reading a chapter of Cameron’s book and speed-writing through creative exercises at about 1-2 hours, then daily "Morning Pages" at about 45 minutes, and a weekly "Artist Date” of 2 hours for solo self-care play time.  Our Celo Cabin Fever University series would add “Sacred Circle Cluster Groups” of 2 hours weekly, Thursday afternoons, to share our exercises, deepen our relationships, and support each other. For the brave who are ready to step up, perhaps as a New Year's Intention, sign on to this semester-like series, forge precious connections with fellow travelers, and invite your own transformation. BYOBook: Cameron's The Artist's Way: 25th Anniversary Edition.

Event Dates: Thursdays January 17th - April 25th, 2019

Venue: Celo Community Center

Cabin Fever University 2019


Future Series To Be Announced

"I had been troubled with what was to come and not feeling prepared and ready for the change. Doing this session I wanted to explore these mixed emotions and the fears that were troubling me. Change has always been difficult for me. Learning to trust the process of life and be patient is always something that comes up for me. This session made me realize that my body is always connected with my soul, and knows exactly what I need. Since our session I have learned to listen to my body and ask myself what I need , and what feels right at the moment. I am doing my best to remind myself of patience and trust."

- S., newly graduated nurse and anxiety/depression survivor