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Intention Map at Returning Home Healin

New Year’s Intention Mapping Celebrations


Bring your favorite magazines from last year, your wants for this year, and collage your heart’s desire. Since 2013, I've been hosting this reflective process among kindred spirits early January.  With our family's courageous relocation to Burnsville in 2018, I wanted to share this tradition with my new community: starting with blank poster board, unsure really of what I want for myself for the new year, then after perusing magazines together, talking, and ripping out images and words that resonate, direction becomes clearer... and so do I.

Often I don't understand why I'm called to include particular images or words on my intention map (or as some say, vision board or collage). But by the end of the year I understand, often shockingly. We can keep the intention map central in our homes to remind us daily of the year's mission. Sometimes what comes of it can be quite a surprise.


What may manifest--via both conscious wants and higher inspiration--for your new year’s intentions? This annual event includes an introduction to my offerings, helping us get more out of our ways so that we may actually actualize these newly-mapped intentions.

 Need magazines? Aside from friends and family, local libraries and recycling centers often provide them. Need poster board or alternatives? Dollar stores, recycling centers, or your own journal or crafting supplies may provide options. 

Want community? Join this year's in-person celebration at my home. Or create your own, inviting friends to join you, either in-person or via Zoom. 

Want accountability or follow up? Form a group with periodic reunions and reflections. Or schedule sessions with me to do so, with the added benefit of muscle testing to guide your map's navigation.


4th Annual New Year’s Intention Mapping Celebration
Sunday, January 16th, 2022
Snow Date: Sunday, January 24th
Venue: my home 
Cost: $5 to $15 donation
Contact Me below to Reserve Your Spot

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Intention Mapping Reflective Prompts


Beginning of Year

  1. What surprised you about the process or product this year?

  2. Which items do you know—or think you know—the meaning of?

  3. Which items remain a mystery? What may you hypothesize?

  4. What obstacles, of which you’re consciously aware, may stand in the way of actualizing this map? (I may help you find and release the subconscious obstacles as well.)

  5. What strengths, advantages, or qualities of yours, of which you're consciously aware, may facilitate your actualizing this map? (I likewise may help you find and activate your superconscious gifts as well.)

  6. How may you incorporate your map into your contemplative practices (meditation, prayer, Tai Chi, Qigong, yoga, self-created ritual), perhaps in addition to periodic journalling?

  7. What other specific, measurable, daily, weekly or monthly action steps may go with which items? (from Helen G)

  8. In what ways may you benefit from the help of of others, actualizing this map? Who and how?

  9. Where will your map live? Why there?

Mid Year

  1. What’s actualizing? What’s surprising you?

  2. What synchronicities are you noticing and grateful for?

  3. What obstacles are you noticing? May they be coming up for healing?

  4. What strengths, advantages, or qualities of yours are coming to your aid? May they be reminding you of who you truly are?

  5. What resources are you making use of in actualizing this map: practices, action steps, help from whom how?

  6. What did you--or may you want to--add, take away, or paste over re your map?


End of Year

  1. What came to fruition on this map this year? What didn’t? Why may that be?

  2. Which items remain a mystery? Why may that be?

  3. What obstacles, external or internal, stood in the way of actualizing aspects of this map?

  4. What strengths, advantages, or qualities of yours did you allow to help you in manifesting this map?

  5. What do you only now realize, looking at this past year’s map?

  6. What was significant this past year that you do not see reflected in this map? Are you sure? Or why may that be?

  7. What items on this map may be thematic and carry over into next year’s map?

  8. How may the experience of this year’s map inform next year’s map?

What other prompts may you suggest?

Please send them my way!