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"I come to the healing arts by way of my own healing."

In 2005, when later in life I married my old friend, my vows included embarking on the same healing path he’d already begun, which had transformed him over the years into the very person I’d been searching for. To keep pace with him and for my own growth, I likewise enrolled in the same ancient mystery school, the IM School of Healing Arts of Ithaca and Manhattan (now closed), and before our son arrived, completed two of its four years toward energetic healing certification and ordination.  These years I also trained and served as a hospice volunteer, supporting those and their loved ones with the transition toward death.

Jennifer Dorfield - Returning Home Healing - Sandra Costello Photograhy
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My ushering into motherhood, completed by our daughter’s birth two years later, was not what I’d expected.  While full with light and joy at their wonder, those early years were also perhaps some of the hardest, darkest of my life. In 2010, when my daughter turned two, I completed training as a MotherWoman facilitator (now "The Collective"), using a Group Peer Support (GPS) model, and led groups over the next four years for other new moms. These consciousness-raising groups supported our healing, some of us from the increasing prevalence of postpartum emotional complications, all in the wake of our society’s increasing expectations of mothers.


My early mothering coincided with onset of fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue, I later realized. But interventions by a gifted osteopath  and Wholeness Energetics Practitioner, along with Somatic Experiencing (SE), Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), and Paleo Autoimmune Protocol (AIP), meant that after about three years of pursuing physical healing, I seldom suffer autoimmune symptoms. In retrospect, I wonder if what heals me is what I believe will heal me.


But the physical healing, it turns out, was only the beginning of my transformation.  Amid my physical recovery, I also sought resources about recovery from perfectionism, codependency, multigenerational family dysregulation, and our traumatically unnatural modern living compared to our species' evolutionary birthright. Eventually, I returned to my training in metaphysical healing, becoming a Certified Wholeness Energetics Practitioner in 2016, practicing this craft of transformational coaching and energy medicine over years, deepening my foundation through esoteric study, and eventually joining the Returning to Wholeness Center. 

In 2018, our family relocated from western Massachusetts to western North Carolina to join family and their healing arts practice, Mountain Medical Arts.  My consequent founding of Returning Home Healing reflects my dedication to accompanying others down their own healing paths, so much so that this calling--along with our new remote location--coincided with translating my Masters in Teaching and 20+ year career in education, program administration, and college writing instruction to a new purpose.

Rather than enlightenment status, I can offer instead walking next to you as a fellow traveller on these many paths up the mountain. I can attest to the many humbling tests and lettings-go this path seems to entail. I too experience the perpetual choice of what some say is always the only choice,  each and every moment: between fear or faith.

I welcome you wherever you may be in your healing journey, as calls for healing can show up anywhere, from conflict or yearning in roles and relationships to professional or artistic quandaries and pursuits, from psychological struggles or trauma to physical ailments or illness, even from practical challenges to metaphysical quests.  Together, we journey further down this path, toward your own healing, toward the home of your highest and best Self.



"Jenn helped me turn being stuck into an amazingly wonderful and productive life journey.... I had never experienced the type of energy work that she does and was skeptical at first. Her skillful guidance through exploring a very difficult part of my life allowed me to actualize inner strength I didn’t realize I possessed as we revisited and healed a past trauma at the root of this block. The result has been absolutely amazing—almost too good to be believed… except that I’m living it. My writer’s block lifted, my dissertation direction clarified, plus I feel more deeply than I have in years that I am truly on the path I was meant to be on—the right life path for me. It is wonderful to feel this in tune with the universe, and I credit [what came through] Jenn with guiding me to an inner place where I was able to heal a deep block that I had not realized was holding me back so much."
- C., MBA, recent PhD, educational administrator, active Methodist

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