What to Expect

What to Expect with Returning Home Healing

What are your hours?

My summer hours vary. Come fall, I'll book in-person appointments at Mountain Medical Arts Thursdays and Fridays and at my home office when applicable via jenn@returninghomehealing.com. I'll book remote appointments Tuesdays-Fridays 9am-5pm via the “Book A Session” links. If in need of an appointment beyond those hours, please contact me.

Where is your office?

My office is located on the second floor of Mountain Medical Arts. First-floor accessible appointments may be booked by arrangement. Please park in front or behind the building. Enter by its front door, proceed up the inside stairs, and find the second floor waiting room atop the stairs. I will greet you there. I also work on occassion from a home office in Celo.

How early should I arrive?

If working in person and as a new client, please arrive 10-15 minutes prior to allow time to complete paperwork. If you've completed the downloadable paperwork ahead--whether you're working in-person or remotely--there's no need to arrive early.

What should I expect during a session with you?

A Wholeness Energetics session involves sitting, talking, muscle testing, and my taking notes that you will take with you. It may involve sharing what brings you in, gathering data, setting a goal, discovering what subconsciously stands in the way of that goal, healing old beliefs, and establishing practical next steps. The session may involve visualization, regression, or meditation. The session occasionally calls for your lying face up on a treatment table, fully clothed, and sometimes for your receiving energy healing, as I put my hands over you or under you with either no touch or light touch as you feel warmth and relaxation. A sense of having stepped into your next chapter of life often follows a session and of traveling up a spiral through subsequent sessions. If working remotely, I'll muscle test instead on my arm as surrogate to yours. An Energy Healing session involves your lying face up on a treatment table, fully clothed, as I put my hands over you or under you with either no touch or light touch as you feel warmth and relaxation, perhaps even reintegration and light sleep. It may involve sharing what brings you in, mentioning what you perceive as we proceed, and discussing afterwards what both of us noticed. A sense of ease often continues for many hours following the first session and remains longer and resonates deeper through subsequent sessions. If working remotely, I'll be doing the same, with my hands and with tuning into your physical and energetic body, as "distance healing." A Muscle Testing Session involves sitting, talking, and my taking notes that you will take with you. It involves muscle testing, or what some call energy or applied kinesiology, using gentle pressure from my fingers to your arm in order to bypass the conscious mind and tap your superconscious for guidance about decisions. If working remotely, I'll muscle test instead on my arm as surrogate to yours. Regarding sensitivities, I do not employ products, scented or otherwise, during sessions, except should a session call for it.

What should I know prior to booking a session?

Prior to a session, plan on drinking plenty of water and limiting your intake of caffeine and other potentially altering substances. Plan on wearing clothes comfortable for the whole session and focusing on what you wish to come of the session. Following a session, plan on continuing to drink plenty of water. Plan on being gentle with yourself for the next 24 hours following a session, as you would after a massage, to allow your transformative work to integrate, rather than rushing off to work or errands. Plan time to sit quietly, journal, take a relaxing bath, rest or sleep. Wait 24 hours before pursuing a second modality. I welcome your letting me know how you are doing the follwing day or more, and any questions that arise.

May I complete paperwork ahead of time?

Certainly. My intake and waiver forms are available on my website to print, complete, mail, email, or bring. Click here to access them. Or you may complete them in the waiting room 10 minutes before an in-person session.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Though I do not currently accept credit cards, I do accept cash, checks made out to "Jennifer Dorfield," Venmo, Zelle, and PayPal transfers via "friends and family," addresses to be supplied upon request. Payment for remote sessions is in advance.

What is your cancellation policy?

I ask a 24-hour cancellation notice and may request a $35 cancellation fee if less than 24-hour notice. I charge the full session price for cancellations with no notification.

Are sessions confidential?

Yes, all of my work with clients is confidential. I am an ordained minister via The Universal Life Church, which assures confidentiality protection. If you have been referred by a healthcare provider and would like me to share our session's results with that practitioner, you may complete a HIPAA form authorizing me to do so.

Do I need to know what issue I'm focusing on or which session I'm needing before I book a session?

No, you do not need to know ahead. It may be more expedient if you do. And it may be more of an adventure if you don't. The muscle testing--a link to our superconscious--guides each session and dictates the "highest and best" direction. Clients are welcome to book a Wholeness Energetics session then muscle test once they arrive to determine if an Energy Healing Session or just a Muscle Testing Session instead is "highest and best": billing is based on time. Sometimes we arrive for a Wholeness Energetics Session, knowing on which issue we want to focus, only to receive muscle testing feedback that a different issue is actually "highest and best" on which to focus that session.

Are you a "healer"?

I love this question. Though my ego would love identifying with something this glamorous, the truth is it's not me doing the healing. It's you. Where we go has much more to do with what you're ready for that session: no more, no less. What are you ready to heal? It would be my honor to "walk a path" with you and help how I may.

Is your office accessible for those with mobility issues?

Though my office is on the second floor of Mountain Medical Arts, with no elevator, I can arrange to see clients also in a first-floor exam room of MMA, in the cottage beside MMA, off-site as a home visit, or remotely via phone, FaceTime, or Zoom. Please contact me in advance with your preference. Too, I hold--for all of us--that who we are is beyond our bodies.

Consult Room at Returning Home Healing, Jennifer Dorfield
Therapy Room at Returning Home Healing with Jennifer Dorfield

"I came away from this session with a revolutionary experience: felt awareness for a new understanding of how some people express anger (and strong emotion) as a way of creating connection. While this is far from my operating system, I now have deeper empathy and capacity to hold space for people in states of rage, with a new awareness that behind their anger is often hurt and a call to be held, or drawn closer. Jenn is authentic, genuine, present, and has a poetic grace. She has a keen intuitive ability and was able to get me to remove the masks I wear and see and show the shadow aspects of myself I was formerly afraid to confront. I am now able to honor my desire to communicate non-violently when I am upset, while still being able to hear and hold those in more voluminous modes of anger long enough to get to what's behind their hurt."

- K., international activist and educator, longtime academic, spiritual adventurer