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What to Expect

"I came away from this session with a revolutionary experience: felt awareness for a new understanding of how some people express anger (and strong emotion) as a way of creating connection. While this is far from my operating system, I now have deeper empathy and capacity to hold space for people in states of rage, with a new awareness that behind their anger is often hurt and a call to be held, or drawn closer. Jenn is authentic, genuine, present, and has a poetic grace. She has a keen intuitive ability and was able to get me to remove the masks I wear and see and show the shadow aspects of myself I was formerly afraid to confront. I am now able to honor my desire to communicate non-violently when I am upset, while still being able to hear and hold those in more voluminous modes of anger long enough to get to what's behind their hurt."

- K., international activist and educator, longtime academic, spiritual adventurer

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