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In response to Covid-19 precautions, I've launched remote offerings

and given limited availability,

on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, noon through 4pm. 

If wishing for an appointment beyond those hours, please do contact me.

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What will be the gift of this time for you? What wake-up call are you readying to hear?

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I offer gift certificates in any amount, purchased via cash, check, or Paypal Friends & Family.

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$30 or more

Muscle Testing Session

$30 or more

Energy Healing Session

$45 New or $90 Returning

Wholeness Energetics Session

"I have been haunted for years by the trauma of my birth experience... During our session, through words, touch, and a healing connection that felt almost spiritual, she gave attention to those wordless parts of myself that needed nurturing so badly. My body and mind seemed to enter another time:  I was back in that birth experience, but I was being loved and cared for and nurtured and healed in a way that honestly took my breath away. The experience touched me deeply, and while it didn’t magically 'fix' anything, I feel that it opened the door to healing. When I continue to work on this trauma in therapy, I feel better able to access the parts that need to be healed, and more in touch with what I need to truly heal them.  My work with Jenn changed me profoundly in ways that I am still realizing. She has a true gift for this work, and I feel blessed and grateful for this opportunity to work with her."

- N., teacher, fertility-challenged and two-mom parent


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